The project "Moturisme Ara Lleida" is a tourist product, pioneer at state level, promoted by the Tourism Board of the Diputaci├│ de Lleida, in order to specifically promote tourism among the group of fans to travel by motorcycle.

Ten routes have been created that run through the Lleida area, all of them with a great tourist and scenic attraction that combine sections of secondary roads with little traffic and more twists with other straighter sections of main roads. All the roads through which the Moturisme routes pass have been supervised by an expert team as they have excellent asphalt. The distances to be covered on each of the routes are between 200 and 300 km, which means that they can be done perfectly in a day, facilitating stops at the various tourist attractions along the route. Most of them can be done all year round except for those that pass-through stretches of high altitude mountain roads where in winter it is possible to find snow or ice.